Altran Belgio ha licenziato il Vice Segretario del Comitato Aziendale Europeo: Il comitato ristretto rassegna le dimissioni

A seguito del licenziamento di Altran Belgio del Vice Segretario del Comitato Aziendale Europeo, il Comitato Ristretto, in accordo con l’ intero CAE rassegna le dimissioni.

Di seguito la comunicazione inviata ai vertici di Altran

Message from our representatives to the European Works Council

Resignation of the members of the European Works Council’s Select Committee

Since the first meeting of the European Works Council in December 2018, the group’s management has assured itself that it would like to communicate with European employees on the creation of this new social dialogue body. This communication has never taken place, while the employee representation bodies at national level have communicated widely with employees.

In April 2019, the members of the committee learned from the vice-secretary that he had been brutally dismissed without any justification. Group Management has not formally informed the EWC members of this decision and the consequences for the functioning of the Council.
When the EWC members asked you for an explanation of this situation, you replied that it was a matter for Altran Belgium.
Now we know, through Belgium, that this is indeed an irregular dismissal specifically aimed at the functions of elected employee representative and carried out in agreement with the group’s senior management.
This goes against the very principles defended by Mr. Cerutti in Altran’s ethical charter, which he presented in December 2018.
We must conclude that any representative to the EWC can be dismissed without justification and without the body being informed. This creates a lack of representation of a country that could block the functioning of the EWC and hinder social dialogue.
In the absence of a management response on the reasons for the unjustified dismissal of its vice-secretary, in the absence of a management analysis on compliance with the Ethical Charter (1st section of the document) in this dismissal process, the EWC members, in protest, using their power, unanimously decide to resign from the Select Committee of the European Council and request the reinstatement of their Vice-Secretary.

The representatives to the European Works Council:
Gilles Pansu, Frédéric Lestang, Grégory Levert, Houcine El Ouezrhari, Dieudonné Djiki (France), Adrian Brown (UK), Javier Ortiz-Romero, Cristina Castejon-Lasierra (Spain), Martijn Van Kleef (Netherlands), Mario Adinolfi, Franco Dimitri (Italy), Ewelina Kuziora (Switzerland), Andrei Szanto (Romania), Claudia Welling, Klaus-Peter Haas (Germany), Jesper Gustavsson (Sweden).